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Primolut N is a popular period delay pill that can postpone your period for up to 2 weeks. Suitable for women who are not taking contraceptive pills, Primolut N gives you more control over your period start date, so you can safely delay your period so that it does not interfere with a special occasion or trip overseas.
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  • Primolut N is a safe and effective period delay medication for women
  • Primolut N can delay your period for up to 2 weeks
  • You can buy Primolut N online from our UK Pharmacy
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What is Primolut N?

Primolut N is a period delay medication for women. A simple tablet that you start taking 3 days before your period is due, and continue taking for up to 14 days, it is a practical way to postpone your period before a holiday or important event.
Primolut N is also prescribed to treat painful periods, heavy bleeding and advanced stages of breast cancer.

Who is Primolut N For?

Many women choose Primolut N Tablets to delay their period. This could be for a special occasion such as a wedding, a summer holiday, a sporting event, or any other reason where your period might interfere with your plans.

How do Primolut N Tablets Work?

Primolut N tablets contain a progestogen-type hormone called Norethisterone, which interferes with the body’s natural menstrual cycle to delay the period safely for up to 2 weeks.

What are the Benefits of Primolut N?

Periods are an important part of life, but they are not always convenient. By taking a period delay medicine such as Primolut N, you can control your period so that it does not coincide with important events.

Is Primolut N Suitable for Me?

Primolut N is a clinically proven period delay medication for women who are not taking the contraceptive pill, patch or ring. Primolut N is a prescription medication, and may not be suitable for everyone. It should only be taken occasionally, and as prescribed during your online consultation.
You should not take Primolut N if you:

  • Are allergic to Norethisterone or any other ingredients listed in Primolut N
  • Are pregnant, planning pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Have thrombosis or a blood circulation disorder
  • Are Diabetic
  • Have had breast cancer or cancer of the genital organs
  • Have unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Have had a miscarriage

During your confidential online consultation, it is important that you tell your prescriber if you:

  • Smoke
  • Are Overweight
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Have a history of breast cancer in your immediate family
  • Have Epilepsy
  • Have Liver / Kidney / Heart Disease
  • Have asthma

How Do I take Primolut N?

Primolut N is a prescription medicine. Always read the leaflet, follow the advice given by your pharmacist, and do not exceed the prescribed dose.
For safe period delay, the recommended does is 3 Primolut N tablets per day with meals. You should start taking Primolut N three days before your period is due to start, and continue taking it until you are ready for your next period (for a maximum of 14 days).

Are there any Side Effects?

While side effects are rare, Primolut N may cause nausea, migraine headaches and worsening of epilepsy. You should stop taking Primolut N and seek medical advice if you experience:

  • Severe Headaches / Migraine for the first time
  • Sudden changes to your senses (eyesight, taste, smell, touch, hearing, speech etc.)
  • Inflammation of veins
  • Unusual pains in your legs
  • Unusual swelling of arms and/or legs

Who Are Partner Pharmacy?

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Where Can I Buy Primolut N?

You can buy Primolut N period delay tablets online from Partner Pharmacy. You do not need a prescription, and we will not ask you any embarrassing questions during your online consultation. Simply add Primolut N to your basket, complete the medical questionnaire, and once approved by one of our UK registered prescribers, we will ship your tablets straight to your door.

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