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EllaOne is the most effective morning after pill available on the market today. Emergency contraception for women of productive age, it prevents unwanted pregnancy after unprotected sex or a contraceptive accident.
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What is the EllaOne Pill?

The EllaOne Pill is an emergency pill that you take after unprotected sex to avoid pregnancy. A single tablet that you can take up to 120 hours after unprotected intercourse, it is suitable for use at any time during your monthly cycle. Commonly called the “morning after pill”, EllaOne reduces the risk of becoming pregnant if you didn’t use contraception, or if your contraception method failed.

How Does the EllaOne Pill Work?

The EllaOne Emergency Contraception Pill works by delaying egg release in the ovary until after the sperm have died. This prevents unwanted pregnancy. A single tablet containing 30mg Ulipristal Acetate, it is suitable for use up to 5 days after you have had unprotected sex.

How Can EllaOne Help Me?

EllaOne is the most effective morning after pill when taken immediately after unprotected intercourse or contraceptive failure. An oral emergency pill, it is prescribed to prevent pregnancy if:

  • You forgot to take your contraceptive pill
  • The condom split or came off during sex
  • Your partner did not withdraw in time
  • Your diaphragm or cap slipped out
  • You forgot to insert your contraceptive ring
  • You forgot to apply your contraceptive patch

EllaOne is an emergency contraceptive and should not be used as an alternative to your regular method of contraception. The EllaOne Pill will not cause abortion if you are already pregnant, and it will not prevent you from becoming pregnant if you have sexual intercourse after taking it.

How Do I Take the EllaOne Pill?

You should take the EllaOne Pill as soon as possible after having unprotected sex or contraception failure. EllaOne is effective up to 120 hours after unprotected sex, but should not be taken after this time has passed.
During your confidential online consultation, one of our UK Registered Prescribers will advise you how to take the EllaOne morning after pill.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Like all prescription medicines, the EllaOne Pill can cause side effects, although to every woman gets them. The most commonly reported side effects include:

  • Headache
  • Abdominal Pains
  • Painful Periods
  • Nausea

How will I know if the EllaOne Pill Worked?

If your next period starts as normal, you will know that the EllaOne morning after pill worked. If your periods are late, or lighter/ heavier than normal, you should contact your GP or prescriber for advice. This could be a sign of pregnancy and a pregnancy test may be advised.

What Is Partner Pharmacy?

Partner Pharmacy is a UK based provider of branded prescription medicines. All our prescribers are UK registered, and all the medicines we prescribed are shipped from our UK based pharmacy straight to your door. We offer a confidential and discreet service, fast delivery, and friendly customer support.

Can I Buy the EllaOne Pill Online without a Prescription?

Yes. You can buy the EllaOne Emergency Contraception Pill online today from Partner Pharmacy. Simply add to your basket, click on the “Start Consultation” button below, and your approved order will be delivered in just 24-hours. We will not ask any embarrassing questions, and your EllaOne Pill will arrive in discreet packaging.

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