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Relenza is a prescription only medication used for the treatment and prevention of Influenza. The flu can be a debilitating illness that can lead to other infections which adversely affect vulnerable patients. Relenza increases the chances of fighting this unwelcome virus while giving many people peace of mind with a maintenance dose that can prevent the flu virus in the first instance.

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What is Relenza?

Relenza is a prescription medicine that is widely used by those wishing to seek relief from the horrifying side effects of flu. It is also used by many to increase immunisation from the flu virus and is taken as a daily dose for maintenance.

How Effective is Relenza?

When Relenza is taken properly is increases the chances of fighting off the flu virus by 30% overall. It is an effective way to treat and prevent the flu virus.

How does Relenza Work?

Relenza works by inhibiting the cells that infect the healthy cells in the body. The flu virus can spread as it burns pathways through a healthy immune system, quickly overtaking the healthy cells. Relenza adds a barrier or blockage to the flu virus so it can’t spread any further, thus speeding up the recovery process from the symptoms of flu.

It is especially effective for blocking the spread of the flu virus in the airways.

Side Effects of Relenza

As with all prescription medication there are side effects associated with Relenza and this medication may not be suitable to everyone.

As Relenza is inhaled through the nasal passage it could cause a bronchial spasm so is best avoided by those who suffer from asthma or any lung disease.

When Should I Take Relenza?

Relenza should be taken within 2 days of the onset of flu symptoms in order for it to be effective.

How to Take Relenza

Relenza is usually dispensed in blister packs that present you with a powder to inhale, ensuring it gets straight to work on inhibiting the flu virus in the airways. Always follow the prescribers instructions carefully and never take Relenza prescribed for anyone else other than yourself.

If you are taking Relenza to prevent flu don’t take for longer than 28 consecutive days. IF you have any concerns at all talk to one of our UK Registered Prescribers.

Who Are Partner Pharmacy?

Partner Pharmacy are a UK based reputable chemist committed to delivering an excellent service at every stage. Enabling you to buy prescription medications online without a prescription we take your safety and privacy seriously.

We offer a range of services from our free Next Day Delivery to 24/7 support and all our medicines are prescribed by a UK registered prescriber.

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