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Many women choose to buy Marvelon Contraceptive Pill online from Partner Pharmacy. A clinically proven combined oral contraceptive pill for pregnancy prevention, it is more than 99% effective, and starts working immediately when taken on day one of your menstrual cycle.

Our online prescription medication service allows you buy Marvelon Pill online, without a doctor’s appointment or prescription. Approved orders come with next day delivery.

  • Marvelon Pill is an oral contraceptive that provides reliable protection against unwanted pregnancy
  • More than 99% effective if taken as prescribed
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What is Marvelon Pill?

Prescribed for the prevention of pregnancy, Marvelon Pill is a combined oral contraceptive pill for women. Clinically proven to be one of the most reliable methods of contraception, Marvelon Pill is almost 100% effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy if it is taken correctly.

How can this birth control Help Me?

When you take a birth control pill such as Marvelon, you can expect immediate protection against pregnancy, and may experience lighter periods and a reduction in premenstrual symptoms. Many women taking Marvelon Pill also notice an improvement in skin conditions such as acne, and clinical studies suggest that long-term use could reduce the risk of developing some forms of cancer.

How Does this Pill work?

Marvelon combined contraceptive pills contain a safe dose of oestrogen and progestogen, two female sex hormones. Combined, these synthetic hormones prevent ovulation (egg release), reduce the womb lining so that it cannot support an egg, and thicken vaginal fluids so that they are too thick for sperm to penetrate. This makes pregnancy virtually impossible.

How to Take Marvelon Pill?

You should take Marvelon Pill exactly as prescribed by the pharmacist, and always read the patient leaflet before use. Like most oral contraceptives, Marvelon Pill is taken over a period of 21 days, preferably starting on the first day of your period and taken at the same time each day. Once you have taken all 21 tablets, you take a seven day break, during which time you will experience some withdrawal bleeding. On day eight, you start the cycle again with a new pack.

Are there any Side Effects?

You many experience some side effects when taking Marvelon Pill, but this is rare and not everyone will experience them.

Commonly reported side effects include:

  • Weight loss / gain
  • Breast tenderness
  • Nausea / Vomiting
  • Bloating
  • Headaches
Uncommon side effects should be reported to your prescriber or GP immediately. They include:
  • Autoimmune skin problems
  • Liver problems (jaundice)
  • Blood Clots (Thrombosis)

Who Are Partner Pharmacy?

Partner Pharmacy is a UK registered online provider of prescription medicines. We have thousands of satisfied patients nationwide, who appreciate our confidential service, competitive prices, and fast discreet delivery. All our prescribers are UK registered and we only recommended branded pharmaceuticals sourced direct from the manufacturer – so you can shop online with confidence.

How to buy birth control Today?

To buy Marvelon Pill, or any other form of birth control online today, simply complete our free no-obligation medical questionnaire. One of our UK registered prescribers will assess your suitability for this treatment, before issuing a prescription to be despatched from our UK pharmacy. If we can approve your order today, it will be fast-tracked to your door, often in less than 24 hours.

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