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More than 99% effective when taken correctly, Cerazette is a progestogen-only contraceptive pill prescribed to prevent pregnancy in sexually active women. Commonly referred to as the “Mini Pill”, Cerazette contains just one naturally occurring hormone called progestogen, so it is ideal for women who are sensitive to synthetic oestrogen.

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  • Cerazette is an oral contraceptive pill for the prevention of pregnancy in sexually active women
  • Cerazette works from day one, and is 99% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy when taken correctly
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What is Cerazette Pill?

Cerazette Pill is a method of birth control for women. A progestogen-only pill or POP, it is unlike combined contraceptive pills as it contains just one active ingredient, which is a synthetic version of the female sex hormone Progestogen Desogestrel.

As Cerazette does not contain oestrogen, it is often prescribed for women who are breastfeeding or sensitive to synthetic hormones.

How can this birth control Help Me?

In clinical trials, Cerazette Pill proved to be more than 99% effective in preventing pregnancy when taken correctly. It provides instant protection if taken on the first day of your period, and women who take it have reported a reduction in period pains and heavy blood flow during menstruation.

How does this Pill work?

Cerazette contraceptive pill works in 2 different ways to prevent you from becoming pregnant. Primarily, it stops the natural ovulation process so that you do not produce an egg that could be fertilised, and secondly, it increases the thickness of cervical fluids so that sperm are unable to reach the womb.

How to Take Cerazette Pill?

Unlike combined contraceptive pills, which you take for a period of 21-days before taking a 7-day break, you take the Cerazette Mini Pill every single day, and are therefore less likely to forget to take it. For immediate protection against unwanted pregnancy, you should start taking Cerazette Pill on the first day of your period, and continue taking it every day as prescribed during your confidential online consultation.

Each pack of Cerazette contains 28 pills. Once you have finished the 28-day course, you start immediately with a new pack the following day.

Are there any Side Effects?

As with all prescription medications, some side effects have been reported, although not every woman has them. The most common reported side effects of Cerazette contraceptive pills include:

  • Headache
  • Breast pain
  • Weight gain
  • Mood changes
  • Nausea
Women who experienced the above side effects, reported a significant reduction after 3 – 4 days of taking Cerazette. If is important that you tell your prescriber or GP if you suffer any skin rashes or severe reactions while taking the mini pill.

Who Are Partner Pharmacy?

We are UK’s leading online provider of prescription medicines, with 1,000s of satisfied customers across the country. We take customer confidentiality very seriously indeed, and never share patient information with third parties. After your no-obligation consultation with one of our UK registered prescribers, your order is shipped from our UK pharmacy straight to your door in discreet, tamper-free packaging.

How to buy Birth Control today?

To find out if Cerazette Pill is suitable for you, simply add it to your basket and complete our confidential medical questionnaire. One of our UK registered prescribers will assess your suitability for this birth control pill, and if approved, will advise you how to buy Cerazette Pill online today. If we can approve your order by mid-afternoon, you could receive your pills tomorrow morning.

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