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Kapake is the brand name for this combination treatment, which contains two pain relieving ingredients: Paracetamol and Codeine Phosphate. It works to provide effective relief from a range of ailments, from toothache to postoperative pain.


Available only on prescription, you can buy Kapake through Partner Pharmacy by taking our confidential medical consultation online. If your order is approved by our UK registered prescriber before 3pm Monday to Thursday, you’ll receive your medicine the very next day.


  • Used for the relief of mild to moderate pain and also for the reduction of fever
  • Kapake is available in one dose containing 500mg paracetamol and 30mg Codeine Phosphate
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What is Kapake?

Kapake is a branded drug containing codeine and paracetamol. Doctors may issue this painkiller in situations where a milder treatment such as paracetamol alone may not have been as effective. This might be a case of dental pain, or discomfort resulting from surgery or an injury.
Codeine works by stopping the brain from translating pain signals sent to it from an injured part of the body; while paracetamol reduces the effect of pain-inducing chemicals in the area where sensations occur.

How to Take Kapake?

Kapake is supplied as a lozenge shaped tablet. They can broken in half where appropriate.


  •  Instructions on how to take it will be supplied.


  • Doctors and pharmacists will normally recommend one or two tablets to be taken no more frequently than every four hours.


  • The maximum daily dose is eight tablets, or four doses.


  • Take after a meal and with plenty of water.

How Can Kapake Help Me?

Kapake is used to alleviate pain associated with a wide array of ailments, including toothache, arthritis, joint pain, broken bones, and sprains. This can help to improve mobility in the area afflicted, and increase the rate of recovery.

How to Get the Most from Kapake?

It’s important to always read the information guide included with your medicine before starting your treatment. To make the most of Kapake, avoid alcohol while taking it and make sure you have plenty of rest.


Kapake could make you feel drowsy so avoid driving or operating heavy machinery while taking it.


Do not use Kapake alongside any other paracetamol product.
It is also important to stay fully hydrated during use.

Can Kapake Cause Problems?

As with all prescription medicines there are side effects to be aware of. Always read the enclosed leaflet and make sure you divulge all requested medical information when taking our questionnaire.


Kapake contains codeine phosphate which is an opiate and can cause addiction when taken for prolonged periods of time. Therefore, we recommend that you only use this treatment as a temporary pain relief solution.


Common side effects include:


> Confusion and lack of clear thinking


> Constipation and stomach ache


> Dry Mouth


> Nausea and sickness


If you feel your symptoms are getting worse in any way contact your regular doctor as soon as possible.


Kapake is not suitable for:


> Those with a history of opioid dependency


> People with liver or kidney problems


> Pregnant or breastfeeding women
> People with respiratory problems or heart disease.


What is Partner Pharmacy?

Partner Pharmacy is the safe and secure way of ordering prescription drugs online. With our online consultation facility, you can gain access to a multitude of treatments, and you don’t need a prescription. Take our questionnaire and if your order is safe our GMC licensed doctor will make up a prescription for you. This will then be fulfilled by our UK registered chemist and shipped overnight by free next day delivery.

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