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Quick Effective Relief from the Symptoms of Menopausal Disorder


The menopause is rarely easy and many women do wish they could skip this stage of their life altogether. Unfortunately this isn’t possible but here at Partner Pharmacy we do have treatments to help with a menopausal disorder.


We understand the side effects of the menopause which can affect your daily life. We aim to make this easier by offering safe, reliable, branded medication from our highly qualified UK registered prescribers.

    menopausal disorder
    menopausal disorder


    With discreet packaging, fast delivery and a free online consultation with UK Registered Prescribers, it is no surprise that many women choose to buy Utrogestan Hormone Replacement Therapy Capsules from Partner Pharmacy. Commonly used to treat menopausal disorders, Utrogestan Capsules contain Progesterone, a naturally occurring female sex hormone that can alleviate the symptoms many women face during menopause, such as hot flushes, irregular periods and mood swings.
    • Effective HRT Treatment Prescribed by UK Registered Prescribers
    • Relieves the symptoms of menopausal disorders
    • Free Online Consultation – No Prescription Required
    • Buy Utrogestan Online - Free 24-hour Delivery
    • Discreet Packaging
    • Professional Customer Support


The menopause is a natural occurrence of a woman’s life, yet no two are the same. Women experience different side effects of this massive life change. Although some changes may be text book and be easily explained, others may be harder to live, such as a menopausal disorder.
Hot flushes, appetite changes, weight fluctuations and mood swings are all a common part of the menopause yet that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. For some the changes are light and hardly noticeable however for many they really do affect the quality of life.

Don’t Suffer in Silence, Claim Back your Life!

This is a time in your life when you should be enjoying yourself, you’ve waved goodbye to the uncertainty and indecision of your twenties and thirties and retirement is in sight. It’s a shame to mar this exciting period with a menopausal disorder that could be easily fixed with the right hormonal treatment on prescription.

Branded, Clinically Tested Medication for the Menopause

At almost every stage of life a woman’s hormones fluctuate, sometimes these fluctuations can affect the quality of your life. You can experience side effects such as mood swings or a low sex drive which is where Partner Pharmacy can help. We have branded clinically tested hormone treatments that support your own body to enhance or balance your hormones. Our qualified registered prescriber will ensure that through your online consultation you receive a hormone replacement that is safe for you to use.
Our branded products include: Utrogestan

What are the Side Effects?

As with all prescription medication there are side effects to look out for, here we have broken them down into Common, Uncommon or Rare. If you’re at all concerned get in touch with our in house support team or your own GP.

Considered Common < 1 in 10 Sleepiness Breast Tenderness
Considered Uncommon < 1 in 100 Weight Fluctuation  Skin Irritation
Considered Rare < 1 in 1000 Hair Loss  Blood Clots

Am I at risk of experiencing side effects?

Many menopausal disorder medications are not suited to everyone which is why we ask you to fully complete your online consultation with our registered prescribers. Our priority is to keep you safe and we can only do that if we have all your information to hand. If any of the following applies to you, you may find a different medication would be more suitable.
You are more at risk of side effects if:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have a history of blood disorders
  • Have liver or kidney disease or impaired function
  • Have any form of cancer

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