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It is thought that around one in four adults in the UK are obese, and that many more are overweight. The health risks associated with being overweight are widely known, and include heart disease, and diabetes. For those experiencing difficulty losing weight, additional help is available in the form of treatment.
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    weight loss treatment
    weight loss treatment


    Xenical is a popular prescription only weight loss medicine that gives you more chance of losing the weight that up until now you’ve found hard to shift. Working with your own body’s fat fighting mechanisms, Xenical increases your chances of shedding those pounds in a healthy, sustainable way. Available online without a prescription through Partner Pharmacy you can order Xenical online now and receive it within 24 hours.
    • Xenical is used to help overweight people burn fat and lose pounds
    • It works with your own body to maximise the weight loss benefits
    • You don’t need a prescription to order Xenical online today
    • Our prescription weight loss medicine is prescribed by UK registered prescribers and dispensed from UK registered chemists.


For those who want to improve their long-term health prospects by losing weight, diet and exercise are the first ports of call. However, even though these measures may be effective in a majority of cases, some people may need a bit of extra help to shed those pounds. Prescription treatment can assist those who are experiencing weight-related health issues and are struggling to lose weight on their own.

Prescription Weight Loss Treatments

The treatment we sell here at Partner Pharmacy for weight loss is called Xenical. This works by altering the way the gut absorbs fat consumed in food. It can reduce the amount taken up into the body by as much as 30 per cent. This is then excreted by the body through waste.

Buy Xenical Online and Have it Within 24 Hours

It’s simple buying Xenical with Partner Pharmacy. Just add this product to your basket, and proceed to our consultation. This takes only a few minutes to complete on average, and your order will be checked by registered doctor before it is issued. When authorisation has been confirmed, a prescription is created and fulfilled by our UK pharmacy. Your medicine is then shipped to your home by special delivery.
Our branded products include: Xenical.

What are the Side Effects?

This medicine is not suitable for everyone. Some people may be more prone to side effects than others. If you have a history of any illnesses or conditions, relay this information to your prescriber during consultation. Contact our in-house customer support team or your regular GP if you are concerned.

Side effects include:

Considered Common Less  than 1 in 10 Headaches
Considered Uncommon Less than 1 in 100 Diarrhoea
Considered Rare Less than 1 in 1000
Kidney Dysfunction

Am I at risk of experiencing side effects?

You may be advised to seek alternative forms of treatment if you:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You are allergic to any of the ingredients
  • You have a low BMI
  • You have low blood pressure

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