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Prescription Malaria Medication

Partner Pharmacy stocks a wide array of prescription Malaria treatments for the prevention and cure of Malaria and associated symptoms. We understand that when travelling abroad you need the reassurance that you’re completely protected against foreign diseases, which is why we offer these medications on prescription.



    Chloroquine is an anti-malarial prescription medication that you can order online from Partner Pharmacy. Malaria prevention for those travelling to high risk areas in Africa, Asia and South America, Chloroquine Tablets protect against the serious parasitic disease passed to humans by malaria infected mosquitoes. To buy Chloroquine Tablets online, simply complete our free consultation. If your order is approved by 3pm, you will receive your medications the next day.
    • Buy Chloroquine Tablets Online from UK Pharmacy
    • Anti-Malarial Prescription Medication for Overseas Travel
    • Free Consultation – 24 Hour Delivery
    • Discreet Packaging – Professional Customer Service
    • Malaria Prevention for the whole family
    Lariam 250 mg
    Lariam 250 mg


    Lariam Tablets are prescribed to prevent and treat Malaria, a parasitic infection transmitted to humans by female mosquitoes that are infected with the malaria disease. Common in tropical regions across the world, Malaria can be fatal if left untreated. Many people travelling to malaria risk areas buy Lariam Tablets online from Partner Pharmacy. We offer a free online consultation, no prescription required, and free 24 hour delivery.
    • Lariam Tablets kill the parasites that cause malaria
    • Lariam Tablets are suitable for business and leisure travellers visiting malaria risk zones
    • Buy Lariam Tablets online without a prescription
    • Orders approved before 3pm come with free next day delivery
    • Malaria Treatment for children and adults


    Malarone is a prescription malaria treatment that you can buy online today from our UK registered pharmacy. An anti-malaria medication for those planning a business trip or family holiday overseas, Malarone works by killing the parasites that cause malaria. Malarone can be prescribed for adults, children and infants weighing over 5kg, making it a malaria prevention and treatment for the whole family.
    • Buy Malarone Tablets Online from UK Registered Pharmacy
    • No Prescription and No Face-to-Face Visit Required
    • Malaria Treatment for Children and Adults
    • Confidential Service – Fast Delivery
    • Anti-Malarial medicine for overseas travel


Partner Pharmacy is a reputable company based in the UK, here to help you source the best prescription medications to take any stress away. With our UK registered prescribers and free Next Day Delivery you could order today and receive your Malaria treatment tomorrow.

All of our medications are delivered in completely discreet packaging regardless of the contents, ensuring only you know the contents inside.

You can also track your parcel from our UK chemist direct to your door adding the extra convenience you deserve when buying prescription medication online.

Anti Malaria Medication

The branded, clinically tested anti malaria medications we supply are the same as you would be prescribed from your GP. Your safety and satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us which is why we offer a complete consultation that’s absolutely free.

If you haven’t time to book an appointment before you travel, we have UK registered prescribers on hand waiting to write you a prescription. You could receive your anti malria medication within 24 hours.

Our branded products include: Lariam, Malarone

Malaria Treatment Medication

Many travels enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they have the antidote on hand to malaria when travelling abroad. These treatments are prscription only and usually difficult to source. We understand the need to feel fully protected especially when you travel with loved ones, which is why we supply prescription Malaria treatments without you needing a prescription.

Our branded products include: Chloroquine

What are the Side Effects?

All prescription medications have side effects and malaria prevention and treatment products are no different. In order to ascertain if your side effects need medical intervention, we’ve ordered these easily into rare, uncommon and common. If you are concerned about your symptoms after taking the medication, contact your own GP.

Side effects include:

  • Common (Less than 1 in 10): Stomach ache and slight nausea
  • Uncommon (Less than 1 in 100): Skin irritation
  • Rare (Less than 1 in 1000): Hair loss, low blood pressure, anxiety and depression

Am I At Risk of Side Effects?

We aim to offer a completely safe environment where you can source prescription medication without the worry. We can only do this if you answer the questions in your online consultation honestly and thoroughly. We also recommend you read the accompanying information with your chosen malaria medication before taking the treatment. This will reduce any risk of adverse effects.

You are more at risk of side effects if:

  • You have epilepsy
  • Allergies to any ingredients contained within the medication
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have liver or kidney problems

Order your Malria treatment today and you could receive it within 24 hours with our free Next day Delivery.

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