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Influenza or flu can strike at any time during the year and although, in the UK it is rarely dangerous it still poses some risk to long term health. There are many strains of flu and it is impossible to treat each one however we provide prescription flu medication that can help relieve the symptoms.



    Relenza is a prescription only medication used for the treatment and prevention of Influenza. The flu can be a debilitating illness that can lead to other infections which adversely affect vulnerable patients. Relenza increases the chances of fighting this unwelcome virus while giving many people peace of mind with a maintenance dose that can prevent the flu virus in the first instance.
    • Relenza starts working straight after you take the medication
    • Relenza is available in a powder and capsule form
    • You can receive Relenza tomorrow with our Free Next Day Delivery
    • All of our medicines are delivered in packaging that’s discreet
    Tami Flu

    Tami Flu

    Tamiflu is one of the most effective prescription flu medications for treating the symptoms of flu in the UK. It’s important to note that Tamiflu isn’t a substitute for your annual flu jab, it is used to treat influenza once the symptoms have started to manifest. We supply Tamiflu on prescription from our UK pharmacy, allowing you to buy Tamiflu online without a prescription.
    • Tamiflu starts to work immediately after ingestion
    • Available in doses as you would be prescribed from your GP
    • Receive Tamiflu tomorrow with our FREE Next Day Delivery
    • All medications come in packaging that’s completely discreet.

How does the medication work?

Although there’s no definitive cure for influenza, our products can help to alleviate the pain and ailments that are associated with this virus. Our clinically tested, branded prescription medication aims to ease your coughs and colds to minimise the chance of the flu developing further.
Our medications are best taken within the first few days of the onset of flu, after which your own body’s immune system takes over and rest is essential to recovery. We currently offer two different types of flu medication on prescription.
Both medications can offer a flu preventative and can give you peace of mind if you have been in contact with a person displaying flu symptoms. It’s important to note that these are not intended as a replacement to the flu vaccine.


Tamiflu is now a household name but only available on prescription. Our qualified registered prescribers can write you a script after your stress free online consultation. As a controlled medicine it does have side effects and it’s important you disclose everything to your designated prescriber.


Relenza has specific instructions on how you take the medicine as it is dispensed through an inhaler rather than in tablet form. It can help to slow down or prevent the symptoms developing, potentially inhibiting the virus from spreading. It is an aid to speeding up the recovery process.
In the majority of cases rest and a safe environment is usually the best cure for the flu however with today’s modern lifestyles we understand that patients may need to speed up the recovery process or have extra help preventing the flu virus. Treatments available are Relenza and Tamiflu.

Am I at risk of experiencing side effects?

These medications are effective but they do carry warnings and should not be taken by people with certain medical or everyday conditions, such as in pregnancy or when breastfeeding.
Please make sure that when completing your online consultation you answer all the questions honestly, only then can our registered prescribers determine if these drugs are safe for you to use.

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