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Azithromycin is a popular antibiotic that you can order discreetly online for the treatment of STIs. Used effectively for many sexually transmitted diseases, Azithromycin is an antibiotic that fights the bacteria responsible for conditions such as Gonorrhoea. Through our UK pharmacy online you can complete a confidential consultation and receive your treatment quickly and discreetly.
  • Azithromycin is used to fight bacteria that is the result of a sexually transmitted infection
  • You can cure gonorrhoea and its symptoms with a single course
  • Our discreet delivery ensures no one knows what you’ve received in the post
  • You can order Azithromycin today and receive it tomorrow

Gonnorhoea Treatment Pack

This Gonorrhoea pack contains two oral antibiotics which fight off the bacterial infection. These treatments are used in cases where a patient is unable to have the first-line antibiotic injection.
  1. One time dose
  2. Used in cases where injection is not suitable
  3. Symptoms should improve within a few days
  4. Patients should get tested again 2 weeks after treatment


Although sexually transmitted infections are a normal hazard of modern life many still find it embarrassing to talk to their own GP or local pharmacist when seeking treatment for Gonorrhoea. Suprax attacks the bacteria responsible for this type of sexually transmitted infection allowing you to rid yourself of this disease quickly and discreetly. You can benefit from the antibiotic power of Suprax within 24 hours with our overnight delivery and anonymous packaging.
  • Suprax is used to treat a wide array of infections but is particularly effective against Gonorrhoea
  • With Suprax you can treat this embarrassing illness from home without leaving the house
  • Our free online consultation service ensures your information is kept completely secure
  • Your medicine will be delivered with no hint of the contents within
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Zithromax is a powerful antibiotic which is favoured by doctors and prescribers for the treatment of sexually transmitted infections such as Gonorrhoea. Although sexually transmitted diseases are a common side effect of modern life, due to the nature of them there is still a lot of stigma attached. This prevents many people who need Gonorrhoea treatment from seeking help from their family doctor or local pharmacist. You can secure prescription gonorrhoea treatment online safely and discreetly without a prescription through Partner Pharmacy, saving you any embarrassment while ensuring you get the antibiotics you need.
  • Zithromax is an antibiotic used effectively to fight the bacteria present in infections such as Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia
  • You can treat yourself with Zithromax at home and reduce the risk of long term complications from these sexually transmitted illnesses
  • We offer completely confidential online medical questionnaires for free
  • Our medicines are always delivered discreetly in unmarked packaging that never reveals what’s within

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