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At Partner Pharmacy we understand how much everyday pain can interfere with your quality of life. Whether you’re suffering from a chronic condition which needs careful pain management, or from temporary discomfort such as dental pain, we can help.


In addition to providing prescription treatment, we also bring you detailed, medical information to ensure you know the facts before choosing the pain relief which is right for your situation.


About Our Pain Relief Services

There are many prescription pain relief products available and the wealth of choice can often be confusing. You know you’d like to eradicate the pain but which medicine should you choose?

From toothache pain to period pain, we ensure our shelves are stocked with the right product for your condition.

Every pain relief treatment we sell online has detailed information attached so you can research your treatment before placing an order.

Choose the Analgesic that’s Right for Your Body

Some pain relief products are not suitable for everyone. This is why our UK registered prescribers are on hand to check each and every order made through our site before issuing a prescription.

Buy Pain Relief Online Safely with Our Advice 24/7

Our GMC-registered prescribers will assess your medical condition during our consultation process to ensure the pain relief you’ve chosen is right for you.

We offer treatments for both acute pain (toothache, injuries and migraines) and chronic conditions (arthritis, sciatica).

What Are The Side Effects?

Some people may be more susceptible to side effects than others. For this reason, if you have a history of any medical conditions or are taking other treatments, you should let your doctor know when completing our medical survey, so that they can accurately assess the benefits of treatment against the potential risks.

Side effects of pain relief treatment may include the following:

Considered Common Nausea Drowsiness Dry Mouth
Considered Uncommon Mood Changes Constipation Increased Appetite
Considered Rare Vomiting Liver Damage Water Retention

Am I at risk of experiencing side effects?

Many medications are not suited to everyone which is why we ask that you fill in our medical questionnaire to the absolute best of your knowledge. Our priority is to keep you safe and we can only do that if we have access to all the information we need.

If any of the following apply in your case, you may find that one or more of our pain relief products is unsuitable for you:

  • You have a history of mental illness
  • Have been addicted to opiates in the past
  • Are on any anti-depressant medication
  • Have low blood pressure

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    Choose the product you need from our well stocked pharmacy. Fill out a detailed consultation form and submit for review.
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    Our highly qualified registered prescribers review your consultation. Once approved your medicine is dispensed by the pharmacy.
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    You receive your order the next working day in discreet packaging.

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