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Partner Pharmacy supplies a range of prescription medicines that can help you quit. We know that stopping smoking isn’t easy. But our safe and reliable online service can assist you in finding the cessation treatment you need to help you stay smoke-free.


    Quit Smoking
    Quit Smoking


    Champix is the most successful prescription medication for smoking cessation. Clinically proven to help you stop smoking in just 12 weeks, Champix relieves cravings and lessens the withdrawal symptoms associated with giving up smoking. You can buy Champix online with our fast and discreet prescription medication service. After a confidential consultation with our UK Registered Prescribers, you will receive your treatment by courier. In most instances, we offer free next day delivery.
    • Champix is the most effective prescription medication available for those who want to quit smoking
    • In clinical studies, people taking Champix were 3 times more likely to give up smoking than those with no help
    • Champix reduces nicotine withdrawal symptoms and cravings
    • Delivered in 24-hours – Discreet Packaging


    Zyban is a prescription medication, designed to help you quit smoking by reducing nicotine cravings. Unlike nicotine gum and patches, which simply supply the body with an alternative source of nicotine, Zyban Tablets work within the brain to reduce the craving for nicotine altogether. Many people choose to buy Zyban online from Partner Pharmacy. We offer a confidential consultation, fast delivery throughout the UK, and discreet packaging.
    • Zyban is a nicotine free medication to help you stop smoking
    • In clinical trials, Zyban reduced withdrawal systems during smoking cessation
    • Buy Zyban Tablets Online today – No Prescription – No Visit to the Doctor
    • Those taking Zyban typically quit smoking in less than 7 weeks
    • Next day delivery on orders approved by 3pm


At Partner Pharmacy, we understand the struggles many face when selecting the right stop smoking product, because there are so many available. Our registered prescribers will assess your case thoroughly to help you make the right decision. We want to ensure you are completely safe while giving you the best possible chance at staying quit.

Stop Smoking Aids

Most people who smoke wish they could give up. Unfortunately, doing so isn’t always easy. But help is at hand. Here at Partner Pharmacy, we stock two of the most effective branded products that can help smokers quit. They are designed to enhance your willpower, and are clinically-proven to increase your chances of stopping smoking.

The benefits of quitting are numerous, not just in the long term, but in the short term too. In addition to significantly reducing their risk of heart disease, those who give up smoking will usually begin to see the differences within a matter of days.
Our branded products include: Zyban, Champix.
Take a look at our smoking cessation products now, and start your consultation with one of our registered prescribers today.

What are the Side Effects?

There are side effects associated with the use of these medicines, although not everyone will encounter them. If you’re at all concerned get in touch with our in house support team or your own GP.

Side effects include:

Considered Common Dry mouth nausea cravings 
Considered Uncommon < 1 in 100 Insomnia  Increased appetite
Considered Rare < 1 in 1000 Teeth problems  Diarrhoea

Am I at risk of experiencing side effects?

Smoking cessation medications are not suitable for everyone. Tell our doctor if you have a history of any medical conditions or are taking other medicines when filling in our questionnaire. Our priority is to keep you safe, but to do so we need to know as much as possible about your general health.

These treatments may not be suitable for those who:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have liver or kidney problems
  • Have a history of mental illness
  • Have epilepsy

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